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niedz, 8 paźdz, 13:00 - niedz, 8 paźdz, 14:00


Magic Mind Museum

Plac Konesera 1, Warszawa

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Kup bilet

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“MAGIC SUNDAY FOR KIDS” | Konrad Modzelewski in Theater of Illusion!

Konrad Modzelewski – a specialist in entertaining children with magic – will perform on the stage of the Theater of Illusion! Expect stomachs sore from laughing! Konrad claims that he has no talent for what he does… but he has 11 years of experience, during which he performed over 2,700 shows! He appeared on TV, on planes, in Poland and abroad, and recently even in clean socks 😉
Konrad’s show is highly interactive, as our magician is a big dummy, children constantly have to help him. Sometimes they will tell what he is doing wrong, what he didn’t notice, or what he missed.
For some numbers, our prestidigidigi… magician needs assistants chosen from the audience.
Konrad’s main goal is for children to keep laughing!
A family show, dedicated to children aged 3-10.
Duration: 45 min
Ticket price | PLN 40
Possibility to purchase tickets in the THEATER + MUSEUM package:
Normal | PLN 70
Reduced | PLN 55
The number of places is limited.

We invite you to the only Theater of Illusion in Poland!



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